SCS - The Serbian Cactus Society

About as

On the pages to follow we shall try to tell you something about us, about who we are, how we established the Society, what our aims are, how we are organized, how to become one of us, and how to get in touch with us.
We would also like our site to help you enrich your collections of plants and to save and take care of those you already possess for which you might find our publications as well as other activities of the Society useful.
We shall do our best to be up to date and to keep you informed about what has been done and about what is being prepared.
The beginning
At the end of December 1994 in the territory of former Yugoslavia the war was still on devastating everything that generations had created and separating many friends including those who were the members of the Flower lovers Society in Zagreb. In spite of all social and other troubles and the generally hard economic situation, a small group of enthusiasts, cacti lovers and other succulent plants had enough strength and was willing to start another adventure, at those hard times, devoted to love, beauty and friendship in the first place – love for the immeasurable and invaluable beauties of the nature and friendship of the cacti lovers all over the immense colorful spaces of our planet. Thus, at the beginning of winter 1994, on December 24, the constitutive session of The Cacti Growers Association of Serbia was held in the “Kasina“ hotel.
The small group soon grew in number of the members. The plants, advice and experience were exchanged, assistance was asked and given and above all – we socialized.
We do it every day so we invite you to join us.
Our aims
The association is an independent, non-governmental and non-profitable organization devoted first of all to developing and fostering love for succulents and other plants. Therefore we attempt at disseminate and promote this and similar hobbies, develop awareness of the relation to the nature and a positive and responsible approach to the natural and social environment in general among the members of the Association but with other citizens of Serbia as well.
In this respect, we always readily present our collections to each others and to the public, cooperate with organizations in Serbia and abroad who have similar aims we get together and, generally speaking, we believe that love for nature and for people are inseparable.
The highest body of the Association is the Assembly made up of all the active members of the Association. Other bodies of the Association are appointed by the Assembly. The Assembly also makes decision on statutory issues.
The Association has:
-                            Management Board consisting of 5 members who make decisions on professional issues on the Association operational program and its implementation
-                            Chairman who represents the Association to third parties, expedites the work of the Association and its bodies, promotes and advertises the Association in public and takes care of the legality of the work of the Association
-                            Supervisory Committee consisting of 3 members who take care of the best compliance of the work of other bodies and the entire Association with the Statute of the Association
-                            Secretary to the Association who takes care of the records and entries, communication with the members and other office work
-                            Treasures who collects the membership fees
To make the work of the Association most efficient and the members socialize more the Association has its smaller organizations – clubs. The clubs may be formed with no limitations in number and everywhere where the people are interested in doing so. Every initiative of a few collectors to form a new club in a place or region is welcome and is enough for a new club of t the Association to be formed. All assistance needed in this respect will be given by the management of the Association and other clubs with their experience. The club chooses its representative to take care of the activities of the club and its cooperation with the Association.
In addition to the region principle the clubs can be founded on interest principle as well, e.g. in order to bring together the members who are particularly interested in a certain group of plants or the area they come from and they can be provided from. At the moment we have active clubs in the following places: Belgrade, Nis and Subotica but the collectors get together in other places, informally, which does not in any way diminish their enjoyment! 
What do we do?
We work within the Association and within the clubs. But since in the activities of any club, members of other places or clubs also take part, it is difficult to separate these two areas.
the Association organizes and realizes various activities of which we have named here just the most interesting ones:
Shows which we independently and often in cooperation with other organizations we regularly organize and design in Belgrade, Nis and Subotica. Lately, we have turned to specialized shows in which we exchange our experience, exhibit to the visitors attractive groups of pants of our collections, like the recently held “Havorziada” in the Belgrade “JEVREMOVAC: Botanical garden that attracted attention of the visitors.
Research into the succulent flora of Serbia. This long-term action was initiated in 2003 aimed at drawing up a map of spread and distribution of the succulent plants that grow in Serbia, to work on their identification and to form a few reference collections of the authentic examples of this type of flora from the habitat indicated on the map for the purpose of further study and possible returning them to the nature. So far the habitats in the following regions in East Serbia have been field recorded:
-                            Suva planina
-                            Beljanica
-                            Further research has been planned primarily in the territory of the East and West Serbia
Regular gatherings within clubs in which older and experienced members present their knowledge and experience in growing particular group of plants depending on the subject of interest of the club members. It is a custom to open a discussion over the subject, to exchange experience, ask questions and give answers in such gatherings. Local actions and participation in actions of other clubs are also arranged on such occasions.
Non-regular gatherings: the members who find it convenient readily take the role of a host and organize a get-together at their homes in which we get to know each other better, exchange experience, some plants, we buy and sell …..
GLAS (VOICE) - a journal published by the Association: from the very beginning the Association has been trying to make its existence in the cultural circles in Serbia known. Thus in winter 1995 the first issue of quite ambitiously imagined journal called “PLANTARUM SUCCULENTARUM” was published. Unfortunately, the difficult situations in every respect had their impact on the Association, too, so the mentioned journal was and remained the only one that reached the readers.
At the beginning of 2002 a group of the members again initiated the written edition of the “GLAS” that has been published regularly as a monthly journal since, and now once in two months consisting of 32 pages in A5 size. Due to the low budget and relatively small number of copies only black and white print is available but this is compensated with very good and quality articles for which it became very popular in a short time among the succulent lovers in Serbia.