SCS - The Serbian Cactus Society

About us

Membership in the Association is open. Your education or knowledge about the plants is not significant and does not determine your membership. There are qualified botanists among us but also a people of various and absolutely non-botanic professions and of different levels of education. Our members are those of long experience and growing plants for a long time with very rich collections and neatly arranged glass houses but also those who have just a few plants on their balcony. What keeps us together is the belief that they all love plants and they all are welcome.
Membership fee for the year 2010 is CSD 500 for the members from Serbia and € 10 for the members abroad.
For further information, feel free to refer to the secretary.
What do you get by membership:
- If you are in position to, you can participate in the work of a club at your choice and take part in the discussions, presentations, ask and answer questions on various issues;
- A door will be open to you for a number of our collections to see them, to exchange or buy and sell the plants well taken care of that you might lack in your collection and vice versa and even those that you will never be able to find at the florist’s;
- Most important of all, you will make new friends ready to socialize, talk, cooperate and to share your love for cacti and other succulents.